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Get yourself any early theory test and Save your time

Get yourself any early Theory Test Date and save your time

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Theory Cancellation Checker:

As we all know, that theory driving test is the most necessary part of the driving test, and it is the basic to get a driving license. The first step is to submit the request, and then the second step is to perform your theory test at the given center. Sometimes the test will be easy, but sometimes it may be quite difficult and challenging. Unfortunately, if you failed your theory test, don’t worry! We, “Theory Bot,” are here for you. We have thousands of satisfied clients. Failure is not a bad thing; it teaches you many things and pushes you to get the things you are willing for. 


We are theory cancellation checkers, and we help our customers to get the theory test cancellations. 


Theory Test Cancellations Slots:

Sometimes, the candidates are ready and want to perform their theory driving test earlier, so that they need the cancellation slot to perform their test. We have automation bots for this purpose, and we reserve theory test cancellation slots for our customers, and obviously, you are the customer. 


Theory test cancellation is used for two purposes. First, to perform the test earlier, and second is to extend the date of your test. In most cases, candidates are ready and want to perform the test as soon as possible. Still, there. Still, there is only possible to perform the test earlier is to get the theory test cancellation that is not very easy to get. It looks easy, but most of them will waste their time when someone tries.

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Theory Test Cancelation:

We have an automation bot for this purpose. When a customer asks us to get the theory test cancelation, our bots start looking for cancellations on different websites like DVSA, DVLA, and other legal government agencies. When our bot gets a cancellation, it notifies us in no time, and we send you the mail about the theory test cancelation. If you want to get it, reply to us in ten to fifteen minutes, but there is no need to reply if you are not interested. You can ignore it, and we start looking for another one for you.


We have many plans and options according to the specific requirements, demands, and budget. You have to reach our website and then choose a plan that suits your requirements and budget according to your area and center. When you choose the plan and pay the charges, it’s all our responsibility to search for a theory test cancellation for you. 


We are the best theory cancellation checker, and the average time of finding a theory test cancellation is just two days. Remember that it’s just an average time; it depends on the weather, presence of instructors in the center. 

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How We Work:

Our automation bots have a very sharp eye on all the driving websites, and whenever our bots find a cancellation, and realize that it’s best for you. We reserve it for you as soon as possible because many other candidates and websites are looking for cancellations. 


Everyone wants to get the license earlier, and the only thing that helps you is theory test cancellation. Everyone wants to get it, but no one has enough time to search for it. We help you by finding the cancellations that will surely lead you toward your destination. 


The automation bot will start as soon as you order, it will start looking for cancelations and SMS you
straight away.

Theory test gets booked within minutes and also the cancelation checker gets activated.

We can find you cancellations with your package – you can easily turn this feature on
with a switch of a button from your account. We search every few minutes and will notify
you instantly via text message (SMS) when a cancellation appears. You can reply ‘book’
to accept the cancellation and we’ll automatically move the test for you.

Booking your theory test with us costs £33. This includes the test fee of £23 and our
admin fee

When you book your theory test through us, we’ll show you a map of the nearest test
centres available and then you can select which test centre you would like.

We use Stripe for our transactions. This offers great flexibility as it is quick, easy and
secure so you know your money is always safe!

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