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How Can You Change Theory Test Date With Someone Else?

There are many questions about changing the theory test. A lot of applicants are asking, would we change theory test? So the answer is yes! You can change, but first, you have to read this article because today I’m going to share the proper guide about how you can change theory test date?

Due to COVID-19, you would not be able to appear in the examination hall because if you are suffering the coronavirus. Because it may cause many other applicants to get ill, so the best way is you must stay at home and not appear in the centre.

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Change Your Theory Test:

If you want to change or reschedule the date of your theory test, you must visit DSVA’s website. There are two main options to change your appointment, and both are explained here:

Change The Appointment:

You can change your appointment if you are not able to go for it. Due to COVID-19, this service is free. Because if you are suffering COVID-19, he/she must have to change their theory test. In this situation, all the applications are free to change their appointment.

Change The Centre:

You can change your centre and set your centre as you want. If first you select your centre in Birmingham, but now you don’t want to go there do to coronavirus or some other reasons. You have the authority to change your centre to somewhere you want. Because if someone appears in the centre, suffered in Corona, the applicants may change their centre and select their centre at that place where no disease is found, and this service is free due to coronavirus.

Booked Online:

You are also able to change your appointment online by staying at home. You just visit the DVSA website. You don’t face any difficulty DVSA website provide everything that you want.
If you want to change your theory test, your provisional license card is for your identification.
If you’re not suffered coronavirus, and you would want to book your seat for the theory test, then you must follow some important instructions:

  1. You must be covering your face with a face mask.
  2. You must have a social distance.
  3. Don’t shake hands with anyone.
  4. If you are not wearing a face-covering mask, then you will not be able to take your test in the centre, and your test will be cancelled.

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How Theory BOT will Help You to Change Theory Test Date?

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